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Welcome to Life 360 Degrees

Welcome to Life 360 Degrees

Apr 20, 2012

Welcome to the inner circle of Life 360 °, the integrative healing website. Life 360° is about your whole life and how you’re living it. At Life 360 we look at life, full circle— from a different point of view. We explore how we can work with our bodies to heal ourselves. We focus on the things we can control .

We began as a holistic television show that presented  ways to succeed in life, reduce stress, eliminate fear, improve communication and harmonize our lives using the advice of experts.  We give insights on culture, nutrition, health and self-awareness.

Life 360° is the better living website; a resource for healthy living for your whole life. We also introduce you to various featured health providers.  The concept of Life 360 derived from a desire to quell the hysteria surrounding health care reform. Our vision is that reform begins at home; in your kitchen, in your relationships and your lifestyle.  Life 360 acknowledges that you have all that you need, right where you are, to achieve health and happiness.

Through video we share the power of oneness and the healing derived from participating in a sweat lodge, acupuncture, meridian healing, re-employment tips, and many other topics. Please be advised that the information contained on this site and it’s healing abilities have not been verified by Life 360 and therefore we disclaim any statements to it’s efficacy.